What is Vana?

What We Do

Vana set out to test our hypothesis that corporate landowners are significant players in helping to achieve UK afforestation and nature rewilding targets. Vana received funding from Research England & the University of the West of England via the South West Creative Technology Network to develop our data prototype (December 2020-March 2021). This prototype was successful in supporting our hypothesis which has led to the development of the Vana platform.

Specifically, the Vana prototype has identified 235,605 ha (out of 4,703,136 ha of land owned by organisations) that overlaps with potential woodland opportunities – more than the 18,000 ha target by 2042 set in the UK 25 Year Environment Plan (UK25YEP). Our primary market in England is the 29,792 UK & foreign companies with land holdings, with potential to capture 76.4-101 million tonnes of carbon over 50 years in their land assets (13M+ tonnes by 2030 compared with the 7.2M tonne target). We now know all the players we need to achieve those targets.

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